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Hacklab X-Hub

We believe to effectively embed the mission of promoting innovation and creating opportunities for tertiary students, we’d need to continuously fuel the drive and that can be done through this initiative.

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Benefits of having X-Hub in your School

Host a Hacklab event in your school

Earn the right to host a Hacklab event in your school with the backing of Hacklab and its sponsors


Grow the network for opportunities

Grow the network for opportunities like jobs, scholarships, training programs, sponsored/free certification exams, seed funding for startups, etc.

Gain internship opportunities for your members

Gain internship opportunities for your members


Leadership training

Leader gets to attend the Annual Curators Meeting for leadership training



Members are given certificates of membership when they join an X-Hub

Criteria for confirmation

For your school to be confirmed to run an X-Hub locally in your institution, the following are requirements you’d have to meet:

Recognized/Certified Tertiary Institution.

A minimum of 10 members (they shall be called founding members) ready to be signed up locally.

The applicant should have attended at least one HACKLAB event

The Applicant should have stayed in the school for at least one (1) year

X-Hub is the process Students need to go through to build a career

Isaac Attuah

Cloud Technical Resident, Google

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