Annual 2024 Hackathon - Zambia

Hacklab Junior

Hacklab Junior addresses early childhood education. Through this initiative, the Hacklab Foundation hopes to nurture and develop creativity and innovation amongst children between the ages of 7 years and 17 years through specially designed engineering and coding programs. The Foundation believes to reach its objective of preparing people for future jobs, its ideal and will be effective to catch them while they are young. To achieve our goal, we designed the following program under Hacklab Junior:

Stanbic Bank
Vodafone Ghana
Dream Oval
IBM Cloud
Certified Ghana
93 Studio
Design Thinking
Ghana Techlab
Global Shapers
Honode Hub
Reset Global
Annual Robotics Championship
Annual Robotics Championship

The Annual Robotics Championship is an annual event designed under our Hacklab Junior umbrella which is focused on children in basic, junior high, and senior high school between 7-17 years old. Participating schools register their teams and participate in a multi-level challenge where the teams are tasked to develop robots to perform some defined tasks and are awarded based on the performance of their robots.

Our objective with this project is to drive innovation and interest amongst children between the ages of and expose them to robotics and programming at a very early stage of their career.

This is so as to create a pipeline of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and ICT (Information and Communication Technology) prodigies who, through our advanced programs, will grow into the seasoned professionals we seek to close the skills gap identified across the Global South.

Code at Home Programme
Code at Home Programme

The Code at Home Programme is designed to provide parents the opportunity to enroll their wards on our coding program for children in the comfort of their homes. Freelancers software engineers are trained to gain additional income working part-time as tutors on this program.

This gives us a large pool of tutors across several locations with proximity to any preferred location stated by the parent.


Hacklab Junior equips the future leaders with necessary skills

Prof. Ibok OduroProvost, College of Science KNUST